Signature details that are distinctly Lee


Lazy "S" Stitch
Lee debuted the Lazy “S” back pocket stitch in 1946, resembling the shape of a steer's long horns when viewed together.

Spade Pocket
The spade pocket was first introduced on Lee Rider Cowboy Pants in 1946. Its natural contours work wonders to give shape and definition to the posterior.

Logo Button
By 1949 the Lee jeans waistband button was replaced by the Lee Riders insignia with the classic "Twitch" logo on, all the way till now.

After experimenting with different patch labels, Lee first introduced the branded leather patch with iconic "Twitch" logo that is well-known for today, it also became synonymous with cowboy traditions of The West. 

Initially, copper rivets were used to reinforce denim at key points of fabric strain. However, early rivets scratched highly-prized saddles, Lee replaced the copper rivets with “X” stitched tacks on our back pockets by 1938, also enhanced the quality and durability.

Logo Rivet
No detail is too small, we added our brand logo to copper rivets on front pockets in the 30's. Jeans can then be worn for a longer time with higher durability, suitable for a wide range of activities.

Hip Pocket Label
The year 1948 brought about a tiny-but-mighty addition to our on-garment branding: the hip pocket label, a small logo woven with goldenrod-colored thread that appeared after World War II on our Lee 101 jackets and jeans.

Watch Pocket Detail
The "L"-shaped watch pocket is also a detail with a long history for American cowboys. It was designed for a pocket watch and now this tiny pouch can sever any functions as you want. 


Hair On Hide Leather Patch 
Lee introduced the "Hair On Hide" label in 1936, and this was the company’s first leather label. The logo was branded directly onto the cowhide and appealed to the cowboy lifestyle. You will see this patch in our 101+ collection now.

Twitch Logo
Trademarked in 1946, the Lee "Twitch” logo has long been an iconic emblem in American jeanswear. 

We’ve stopped at nothing in seeking out the best materials to bring historical Lee styles to life. 101+ collection use the finest fabrics and recreated the most iconic pieces and remarkably authentic workwear from our archive in incredible details. 

Bib Overall 
Lee starts making overalls with high quality in 1911. The first one was called the Bib Overall and was originally made in 8oz denim and had a multi-function kangaroo pocket and a button fly.

91-J Loco Jacket
The Loco Jacket was specially designed for the railway worker in 1920s, made of 8oz denim and featured the three-button cuff, wide slanted hip pocket and loose arm construction. 

91B Jacket
The 91B jacket was the first to seamlessly blend function and fashion. It featured hidden interior pocket and first zip closure jacket for workers. It is all about clean aesthetic for casual and comfort wear. 


Buddy Lee was first appeared as an advertising piece since 1921, dressed in a Lee overall and displayed in the window of the Dayton Company Department Store. Over the years, Buddy Lee has become our most signature icon and a collector's item. Its unbeatable spirit strongly present our "Stand Tall" attitude.