Men's Jeans Fit Guide

709 LUKE

Mid Rise | Slim | Tapered

Similar to 723 fit but with a narrower leg room to highlight the contour. Pair with a loose top or a tuck-in tee to bring out a casual OOTD in style.

723 RYAN

Mid Rise | Slim | Straight

The mid-rise slim fit enhances the silhouettes all the way from hips to thighs for an elongating visual effect. A simple plain white tee layered with a shirt is the easy go-to look for your wardrobe.

705 EDDI

Mid Rise | Regular | Tapered

This slightly loose tapered fit harmonizes the overall silhouette, perfect for people with slender legs who need some cover up. Layer up with a Tee and a loose shirt, roll the hems for a youthful and casual vibe.


Mid Rise | Regular | Straight

The classic 726 fit reinforces the straight leg lines, roomier thigh space allows you to move freely yet looking smart and neat. It's easy to wear, looking great no matter in sporty hoddies or a smart casual shirt.


Mid Rise | Comfort | Tapered

Suitable for those with beef thighs but skinnier calves, tapered fit to look slimmer visually. Effortlessly cool looks with a loose logo sweatshirt or hoodie.

741 MICK

Mid Rise | Comfort | Tapered

Similar to 731 fit but with slightly wider leg room around the thighs, tapered fit to look even slimmer visually. Pair with a lightweight shirt for a vacation vibe.


Mid Rise | Comfort | Straight

The slightly loose straight-leg fit can hide the beefy limbs, perfect for guys who don't prefer oversized comfort bottoms yet want a pair of slimmer legs. Pair with multi-color layers for a street look.

753 DEAN

Mid Rise | Comfort | Straight

Similar to 743 fit but looser, good for different body shape: guys with wider hips, bigger calves or even O-shaped legs who need a little cover up, or those with slender legs who need to add some volume to the lower bodies. Easy mix and match to create a casual Japanese or Korean look by wearing an oversized shirt.


Mid Rise | Seasonal | Wide Leg

The most on trend wide leg fit in creating effortlessly cool City Boy looks, just pair with an oversized top or to add one more oversized outerwear, easy but with character!